Fair Bump, Play On...

Fair Bump is a fresh, small (but wild) independent clothing brand from the land down under, Australia.

Born from an un-healthy obsession for cartoons, comfy threads and cheeky fun; Fair Bump is here to help put smiles on dials with our unique hand-drawn and printed gear for men, women, teens & kids.

There are no fat cats smoking cigars behind this brand: Fair Bump is 100% owned by the artist behind the art. We draw it, we print it and we absolutely froth it.

If you're an Aussie, you've probably heard the term Fair Bump from AFL (Australian Football League) where an umpire will yell “Fair Bump, Play On!” in response to a legal Bump. Though, the term can be used in other ways. According to urbandictionary.com legends use the term as “somewhere in between fair enough and good effort” while often sharing a sneaky fist bump.

While we strive to be a cheeky brand, we also strive to be a sustainable one. Designing and printing in-house, allows us to print to order which reduces over stocking of unnecessary inventory. We also send every order in 100% biodegradable packaging via 100% carbon neutral delivery.

We hope you enjoy exploring Fair Bump! Feel free to yell out or even give us a follow and tag at @fairbumpisland