So basically, FAIR BUMP is your new fav clothing brand, don’t worry about the other ones.

We draw it. We print it. We absolutely froth it.

Yeeeees. We care about the planet as well. That’s why we post our tees in 100% Biodegradable Packaging via 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery and OH! Our supplier of threads was “ranked third highest in the Ethical Fashion Report 2022 among 581 other brands that were assessed” - That’s pretty flippin' good FYI.

We also care about cheeky fun and not giving a flying flip what your aunty thinks.

If you're an Aussie, you've probably heard the term FAIR BUMP from AFL (Australian Football League) where an umpire will yell “FAIR BUMP, PLAY ON” in response to a legal Bump. Though, the term can be used in other ways. According to urbandictionary.com cool people use the term as “somewhere in between fair enough and good effort” while often sharing a sneaky fist bump.

FAIR BUMP isn’t a surf brand. FAIR BUMP isn’t a skate brand. FAIR BUMP is a bit more than just a “clothing brand” and we can’t wait to show you what’s install...