Care Instructions

Quality Over Quantity: Fair Bump sources the best-of-the-best when it comes to materials. In fact, our supplier was "ranked third highest in the Ethical Fashion Report 2022 among 581 other brands that were assessed". Our killer designs are screen printed on to quality garments to ensure a comfy fit that will last the test of time; With that said nothing is invincibleFollow our Care Instructions to ensure you get the most out of your Fair Bump Tee:

  • Machine wash cold is recommended with like colours (turn shirt inside out)
  • Do not bleach OR use other aggressive chemical agents
  • Do not tumble dry OR dry clean
  • Do not iron directly over print. If you need to iron your Fair Bump tee, turn your shirt inside out and place a piece of fabric on top of the print. Do not iron for too long. The screen printed design must never be touched by direct heat. 
  • Line dry in shade. Try and avoid direct sunlight when drying your killer tees. 

 If you have any questions in regards to looking after your Fair Bump tees please email